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Our Motto : Ultimate Care

At Grand Healthcare Service, we take a great amount of pride of what we do. We believe that all our nurses and carers carry our motto of “Ultimate Care” through out their professional lives. We place our patients and clients at the center ot all our policies and procedures. Our nurses are recruited following a tough competitive recruiting program that tests both their academic competence and profesionalism.  We then take them through extra training to ensure that they are fully suitable with specific skills that they require. Use the buttons below to contact us.

We’re With You Every Step of The Way

Our team of dedicated nurses, carers and allied healthcare staff will provide your patients with the care that they require.


We are able to provide a diverse range of nursing and support staff to healthcare facilities across Perth and Western Australia. We are fast growing nursing staffing agency and our team members include Registered Nurses, Enrolled Nurses through to Nursing Assistants and Support staff.

If you require any health professional to work in short or long term placements in your facility or client’s home, we are happy to listen to your requirements and negotiate terms that will provide you with great workers at great rates.

Recruitment & Training

e connect you with cost effective  training at your fingertips.
Whether you are a company looking to invest in your team’s development or an individual looking to gain skills, we have the training for you. 

Our training can help improve your personal skills, and we have specific training nursing courses. We can come to your business if you need a team of staff trained.  Just call our team to discuss your needs!

Everything You Need In One Roof

When you sign up with us, we shall provide you with full suite of services. Our team will consult with you so that you can have a the peace of mind knowing that


Recruitment and Training

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What They Are Saying

Working with Grand Healthcare Services to fill our staffing need has been easy and straightforward. Their staff have arrived to work fully trained, and correctly oriented.

I fully reccommend Grand Healthcare Services as a fast growing service provider doing great work.

~ Ann Scott, Senior Nurse


As a young professional just joining the health sector after my training, Grand Healthcare Services gave me the required training that assisted me transition to the workplace. 

I enjoy working with Grand Healthcare Services and I am privileged to have such great mentors in my life.

~ Joy, Registered Nurse