About Us

Grand Healthcare Services

We are a team of experienced professionals passionate in providing best healthcare solutions to people in our community. We believe in helping our participants improve their health and well being and achieve the best quality of life. We are committed to serving the community in which we live to enrich the lives of people who need our nursing services, care and support. 

 We Take a Great Amount of Pride in What We Do

At Grand Healthcare Service, we take a great amount of pride of what we do. We believe that all our nurses and carers carry our motto of “Ultimate Care” through out their professional lives. We place our patients and clients at the center ot all our policies and procedures. Our nurses are recruited following a tough competitive recruiting program that tests both their academic competence and profesionalism.  We then take them through extra training to ensure that they are fully suitable with specific skills that they require.   

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Our History

Grand Healthcare Services was started by three Registered Nurses during the pandemic to assist health facilities in the Perth Metropolitan Area to access a pool of qualified and competent nurses and other allied health professionals.

The developement of Grand Healthcare Services was neccesitated by their own experiences working in the health facilities of Perth and viewing a gap in the provision of temporary and permanent nurses and other health workers to healthcare facilities.


Our three founders have a combined experience of over 20 years in nursing, nursing staff recruitment and management, and have held leadership positions in several nursing and care facilities in Perth.

Our founders have a key personal interest in ensuring that their staff meet the quality of care that is required in whatever facility they are place in.

Grand Healthcare Services pledges to go beyond just the duty of care, and more than regulatory requirements to become the best provider of nursing and allied healthcare workers to all facilities that require its services in Western Australia.

“We are dedicated to supporting healthcare providers and facilities in Western Australia by providing competent and professional nursing and allied healthcare staff “

Directors, Grand Healthcare Services


Our Motto, Vision, Mission

Our Motto: Ultimate Care

Our Vision: To be the preferred provider of nursing staffing solutions and providers of disability care in Western Australia

Our Mission: To recruit, train, and provide nursing and disability care staff who can then provide ultimate care to the community.