Welcome to Grand Healthcare Services, your trusted provider for Staffing, Home and Community Care. Our organization has one goal: to provide ultimate services to our clients, our patients and the community. Use the details below to quickly contact us!

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Our Motto: Ultimate Care

At Grand Healthcare Services, we put the interests of our clients at the center of every decision and action. We recruit the best of Nurses and Care Staff and we continuously train them to ensure that they follow our policies and procedures. Our management team is comprised of qualified registered nurses with long term experience in management and training. Our promise is simple: We shall provide Ultimate Care to your patients in hospital or clients in the homes and in the community.


We provide staffing solutions to hospitals, aged care homes, disability facilities, home care and community nursing.


Do you need new staff or require training services? Kind get in touch with us and we shall work with you to fill any vacancies.


We provide certified competency training to professionals in the health sector. Get in touch with us if you require affordable and efficient training solutions for your organisation.

 About Us

We are a team of experienced professionals passionate in providing best healthcare solutions to people in our community. We believe in helping our participants improve their health and well being and achieve the best quality of life. We are committed to serving the community in which we live to enrich the lives of people who need our nursing services, care and support. 


Ultimate Care

Our Motto

Ultimate Care

Our Vision

To be the preferred provider of nursing staffing solutions and providers of disability care in Western Australia

Our Mission

To recruit, train, and provide nursing and disability care staff who can then provide ultimate care to the community.

Need Nurses/Carers Urgently?

We are ready to listen to you and work with you to provide the best nursing or caring services that you may require. Our pool of qualified and passionate nurses is ready to quickly pick up the task and provide the best services to you, your patients or the community. Kindly reach out using the contacts at the bottom of this page.

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Our Values

  • Respect & Equality – We value the diversity of our staff, partners and clients. We treat everyone with respect and work hand-in-hand with all stakeholders with the interest of our clients coming first.
  • Integrity – We mean what we say and say what we mean. We always do what is right and hold ourselves to standards beyond what is expected.
  • Accountability – We are open and transparent. We are happy to have our procedures reviewed and we take in positive criticism to improve our team members. We accept our responsibility to deliver on our commitments to our clients, their families, the community and governance bodies.
  • Sustainability – We work responsibly to enable quality livelihoods for our clients and to improve their quality of life for the long time

Regulatory Information

Grand Healthcare Services is a fully accredited provider of temporary and permanent placement and recruitment of nurses and allied healthcare professionals to hospitals, aged care and disability support services. We set and maintain a high standard of recruitment, training and monitoring to ensure that our nurses are other health professionals supersede the the standard of care required by regulatory bodies such as NDIS and AHPRA. We provide direct home and community support too. Our team of directors are registered nurses with many years of experience managing nursing services in Western Australia.

Our Service Areas

We provide services in all areas in Perth and soon expanding our services to regional Western Australia.